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Welcome To Benzol Oil & Lubricants

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence Benzol Lubricant is committed to supply the highest quality across all the company’s business areas.

By consistently providing services that meet or exceed customer expectations and international standards, we will develop user loyalty and so achieve strong business performance in the field of

“Manufacturers of High Quality Lubricants, Industrial Oils, Hydraulic Oils &Greases, marketing of lubes additives, Base Oil, Brake Fluids and other petroleum Products.”

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The products of Benzol, is available in the local markets of South Africa. The Company is exporting its products to all G.C.C and other Arab counties and African and Asian countries.

Benzol is fully prepared with state of the art testing facilities. We are using high sensitive instruments, like as ANTON PAAR SVM 3000 (Viscometer) and METHROHM 702 SM Titrino Machine (TBN analysis). The laboratory is the heart of the quality control at Benzol. Each Benzol's products features an advanced blend of premium quality base Oil stocks and additives.

Benzol, is applying all strategic goals for health, safety, and local and international safety. It is also trying to excel through strengthening the best practices and conditions in this field in South Africa